Discover the Next Step in the Evolution of Cleaning

Evolve the way your business cleans with our revolutionary line of natural cleaning products

Evolve® by PristineHD combines the forces of nature and technology to create 100% natural and biodegradable cleaning solutions that raise the standard of clean. Our patented, organic formula effectively eliminates odors and grime without the need for harsh, toxic chemicals, detergents or corrosive acids. Evolve’s Active-Capture® cleaning technology breaks down dirt while leaving surfaces free of dangerous residues that may negatively impact our environment and health. Our products are safe, non-toxic, effective and affordable, making them the ideal solution for industrial, commercial and government facilities.

Save Money

With its ability to safely and powerfully clean all types of surfaces, Evolve® helps reduce costs by up to 30% or more by replacing multiple chemicals, cleaning products and tools with one safe solution.

Save Time

By working on contact, Evolve’s® patented, quick acting and long-lasting formula significantly reduces the amount of time spent cleaning and maintaining your facility, increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Save the Planet

Using Evolve® products helps lessen water pollution, ozone depletion and reduce the disposal of toxic products and packing materials along with providing a cleaner and safer working environment for employees.

Save Water

Maintaining a clean facility can often be tough on your utilities budget. Cleaning with Evolve® reduces the amount of water consumption from cleaning and laundering, helping you save money and our planet’s water.